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Life Coaching for Success and Fulfillment

Do you have a dream for your life inside you? My dream is for every person to find peace and power within, beauty and strength, the yin and the yang, and to realize their full potential here on earth. I would love for you to join me on this journey…

~ Celeste Du Toit (Founder, Durban South Africa)

Life Coaching that gives you Sustainable Transformation

Unlock and grow your potential with guidance and tools to create sustainable change and growth

Let energy flow freely to create harmony between mind, body, spirit and emotions

  • Find your passion and zest for life
  • Improve your self-esteem and gain more confidence
  • Build meaningful and lasting relationships
  • Attract what you want in life
  • Break old habits and patterns that are no longer serving you
  • Enjoy better health and vitality

Become unstuck and clear negative emotions, beliefs and mental/emotional blockages.

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  • July 15th, 2016

Cultivate Greatness when you are Young
A great, inspired life has nothing to do with age. It is being the best you can be.

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  • February 28th, 2016

When did we reduce everything to ‘Ks’ and ‘likes’?
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What coaching clients are saying

I was stuck in a rut and wanted a life coach for a quick fix recipe. But it ended up being so much better. The process enabled me to discover a lot of new things about myself, I learnt techniques for managing myself during challenging times and it enabled me to view life from a different perspective. I got the change I wanted without a recipe but through tools and discovery.
Susan, Pretoria
My life was a mess. I was on anti-depressants and I could not break through this darkness until my friend invited me to a talk by Celeste. My life turned around in a very short period of time. Celeste taught me to get in touch with myself and navigated me through a process with much love, care and understanding. I was able to shake the dark cloud that was blocking me from gaining eternal happiness and abundance.
Santi, Kempton Park
I love Celeste’s way of working with people in such an authentic way.
Andrea, Germany
Lately I feel such joy and contentment in my life. I have embarked on a new and exciting journey to rediscover my own triggers that bring joy and happiness, regardless of where or with whom I might be.
Life coaching has made a real difference in my life. I now have a bigger focus on my life and what I want to achieve with my life. You don’t know yourself until you have done the coaching like this. Celeste, you are the best coach anyone can ask for.
Celeste Du Toit is a professional coach and highly skilled facilitator. She connects easily with people from all walks of life and her vast business and international experience combined with her strong academic training makes her the perfect choice to lead you to achieve your full potential.
I am a new person and know what I want. I am as strong as everyone has always told me I was, and I believe it and I feel it. Thank you Celeste!
I have tried many methods of getting un-stuck. I have read probably every self-help book there is, I have tried hypnotherapy, holotropic breathing therapy, I have spoken to many people and many therapists and I just couldn’t crack the code of the issue that is holding me back. Celeste helped me to identify the issue which I now know I would not have discovered any other way. The method she used was the only method that could truly help me in identifying the tweak needed to move forward. The method and her patience. As I am writing this I am still completely stunned at how effortlessly she managed to help me over this hurdle. I am very glad I made the call to her when I did. Life is a continuous growth process and I will return to her in future should other issues need healing.