Do you have a dream for your life? And one day, do you want to look back onto it, knowing you have made that dream come true? Do you want fulfilment?

Yet so many people live mediocre lives. It takes guts to chase our dreams. So perhaps, like me, you have set certain goals along your journey of life for this year. But to make a journey worthwhile, you may have to step out of our comfort zone and apply some real effort. Ugh.

Good news! We are conditioned to believe that ‘effort’ requires hard work, push or force. To some extent yes, and it certainly implies taking action (please do not confuse ‘fulfilment’ with ‘easy!). But understand that the biggest change on the road to fulfilment comes from an inner vibration. That is how energy works. Change what is happening inside, and it will naturally flow into the required action or effort. Pushing and shoving end effort alone will not create that fulfilled, lasting, happy change.

But still, the effort may sometimes be painful, scary or uncomfortable. Thing is, the mind created these feelings so fortunately it can help us again. If we had to remember only pain, we would rarely exert, much less repeat, any effort.

I used to do long-distance running. I fondly remember the excitement at the start of a race, the cameradie on the road, the euphoria of the finish line. And countless times, fatigued during a race, how I would swear never ever to “do this to myself” again. Yet, soon afterwards, even with exhaustion still fresh, I would long for the open road again. The mind is kind; it makes us remember the pleasure or reward, so we are inclined to repeat it.

So, you are all prepared to put effort into your life journey, you know what is at stake.

But how do we apply it practically? I believe for a fulfilled life, in whatever area – business, health, wealth or personal development, there are five principles that always apply:

  1. Understand what you need

You want to thrive, not just survive, right? It is hard to reach any goal, or feel fulfilled doing it, if you are constantly struggling to obtain what you need in order to achieve it.

Fortunately you can learn how to clarify and effortlessly attract what you need.

  1. Know how to connect

We are created as social creatures. We want to share. Without connection we may feel lonely, isolated or unsupported. Some of us may experience it as rejection, or being unloved.

But again, we can work on this. When you consciously focus on improving this, you will become a happier, connected, more fulfilled human being.

  1. Develop your own power

Perhaps you recognise yourself: you’re seemingly successful, but deep down, you feel inferior, insecure, sometimes overlooked.

It is hardly fulfilling striving to achieve all kinds of outcomes if that little voice inside tells you otherwise! So banish those limiting beliefs and work on your self-esteem.

  1. Use what you’ve learnt

You may know the feeling: you’re stuck in your head, always over-thinking, over-analysing, repeating the same old patterns.

Wouldn’t it be much more fulfilling to learn to see things from a different perspective, to spot opportunities and be able to think outside the box?

  1. Move forward

So you can have everything covered, but for the journey to really be fulfilled, you have to get to set goals, stop procrastinating, focus and get to task.

To conclude, you have to look at all aspects if you are to design that fulfilled life. Some of these may be easy for you, some not so easy, some may even make you cringe. Notice the words ‘learn’, ‘focus’, and ‘work on’. This is part of the journey. Get help if you need. Nobody said a fulfilled life is necessarily easy. But take action!

I do not want to live a mediocre life. How about you?