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Celeste Du Toit

Accredited Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner

As your Life Coach, I

  • Provide a safe space
  • Build a real connection and truly listen to you
  • Inspire and motivate you to gain courage and take action, and to keep moving forward
  • Cut through limiting beliefs that are making you feel stuck to focus clearly on what drives you
  • Let you become empowered to know what you want, pursue it with confidence and strength, and live life with gusto and joy.

Hello, I’m Celeste…

My passions are people, personal development, travel and nature. I believe in holistic wellness and the alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit. I live my life in accordance with my values of connection, growth, achievement, inner peace and FUN – all with a fierce sense of passion, individualism, and energy.

I guide you to discover, unlock and nurture your passion and potential to create more joy, fulfilment and a sense of personal mastery.

The ancient poet and mystic Rumi said: “As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears”


Life Coaching
Workshops and Retreats
Motivational Speaking
Core Regeneration Therapy
Business Coaching

How did I get here?

I have been on a path of personal growth and transformation for a number of years but had this feeling I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was unfulfilled. I have reached many goals, but I wasn’t really being true to my passion and living my dreams. So I became unsettled, which was the best thing that could have happened! I had a very “solid” and respected qualification, but no passion for it. So I left the corporate world which has been my stomping ground and security blanket for most of my working life, and embarked upon an extended physical journey, which provided me with some of the most enriching and diverse experiences I could have wished for. The stand-out realization was that every moment and all experiences had a purpose to lead me to where I needed to be, but that it is up to ME to take action. I choose.

I developed a desire to use my experience, growth and qualifications to inspire and empower others to bring about change, take control, lead a more fulfilled life and overcome limiting beliefs that may have prevented them from reaching their full potential.

So, here I am, attempting to accept and embrace every moment as a gift for me to use!

Contributing Attributes & Little Known Facts

  • I have a sought-after qualification and experience in business and finance
  • I care deeply for social upliftment and sustainability
  • I place a high value on keeping fit and love the sense of achievement obtained through endurance sports.
  • I have extensive travel and volunteering experience