Dealing with toxicity

Have you ever found yourself in a toxic situation, trying to keep calm but, telling yourself to walk away…but unable to?

Sometimes we cannot just walk away. Perhaps it is a colleague, a family member, or just someone in whose physical presence we are required to be for a specific reason. How do we keep calm and […]

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It is not communication unless…

Communication. How ironic that as our communication tools increase, communication itself seems to become more complicated by the day!

I got reminded of this recently during a conversation that completely bowled me over. Perhaps it has happened to you too:

You’re having a seemingly innocent, but intense discussion with someone. You’re enjoying the interaction, and the […]

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Woman at peace, looking for her tribe

You’re a woman at peace with who you are. And you long for your tribe…

You actually like yourself and your body (or rather, you’ve accepted it is and don’t fret so much about it, and you actually use the words “does this make me look fat?” less). You don’t use anything that remotely produces a […]

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The Goddess in You

A goddess knows, loves and accepts herself on all levels. She has an immense sense of self-awareness, and experiences peace, love, joy, passion and fun. The goddess knows her power and that she can be anything she wants to be. She is wise, fearless, strong and beautiful.

Have you been carrying a dream for your […]

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That little inner voice – learn to recognise it

What is your little inner voice telling you? And when do you listen to it?

There is this old Cherokee tale of the two wolves fighting inside us. One wolf is filled with jealousy, anger, hatred, false pride, self-pity, resentment. The other one is full of joy, peace, love, faith, compassion. So the question is which […]

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STOP buying into fear!

In scrolling through Facebook news feed, I become aware of the persona people put up for the world. I also become aware of dramas and how easy it is to create a wave of fear, resentment, and hatred.

Now this is not about “positive thinking”, putting our heads in the sand, not taking necessary and reasonable precautions, or […]

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5 Keys to Fulfilment

Do you have a dream for your life? And one day, do you want to look back onto it, knowing you have made that dream come true? Do you want fulfilment?

Yet so many people live mediocre lives. It takes guts to chase our dreams. So perhaps, like me, you have set certain goals along […]

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No more empty new years’ resolutions

Less empty resolutions, more consistent change
It is a new year. We are eager to make new and better choices. And what a great feeling to know we have a new chance!

But let’s stop the empty resolutions!
Why are new years’ resolutions so problematic?
People change for two reasons. Either the pain of their current circumstances is too great, […]

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Overthinking? Stop that washing-machine-head!

Overthinking. That washing-machine-mode-head, rehashing the same, stale  old thoughts over and over again. No wonder we get sick of thinking! Enough already!
The elusiveness of being “present”. We are busy with one thing, yet our thoughts are miles away. Often busy with these same old thoughts yet again.
So what to do? What are some tools or […]

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6 Obstacles to a Great Attitude

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” ~ Thomas Jefferson

How do you differentiate yourself? Nothing is new and you can be sure that if you get an idea, somebody has attempted it before. What makes […]

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