Unconditional. Absolutely NO expectation.

Unconditional. When you have no attachments to an outcome. Really. No. Attachments. Zero. Zip. That thing of ‘unconditional’. No condition stated or expected.

See, we have so often have an idea, an expectation, a perception of what something needs to look like or how an event might be. Lables. Good, awesome, fantastic, satisfactory, enjoyable…these are […]

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Are you WOMAN enough?

Let’s look at the natural gifts and talents women possess that give us the power to be woman. Have you been suppressing some of these?
Written by a woman for women.
I want to start by stating this is not a “man vs woman” article. Do not confuse what I term as “feminine” traits with “female” traits.  […]

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Freedom and Red Shoes

Freedom.  There is this fairly-tale of a girl who grew up very poor. She was so poor she could not afford shoes, but she longed for a red pair. When a rich woman adopted her it was the first thing she asked for. So she wore them every day and everywhere, even slept in […]

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Worrying all the time?

Do you worry constantly? To worry does not change the future. All it does is take the joy from the present. It is wasted energy. It is tiring and ages you and makes you sick.

We know this. But when we’re lying awake in the middle of the night tossing and turning, all this goes […]

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Breaking Procrastination

Procrastination. What are you waiting for??

Are you finding you are constantly getting ready? Always one more thing to do before it is done? Not even starting? More things to learn, to consider, to acquire, before you can act?

There is a time to DO. Things need not be 100%, or even 80% – in […]

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Dealing with toxicity

Have you ever found yourself in a toxic situation, trying to keep calm but, telling yourself to walk away…but unable to?

Sometimes we cannot just walk away. Perhaps it is a colleague, a family member, or just someone in whose physical presence we are required to be for a specific reason. How do we keep calm and […]

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It is not communication unless…

Communication. How ironic that as our communication tools increase, communication itself seems to become more complicated by the day!

I got reminded of this recently during a conversation that completely bowled me over. Perhaps it has happened to you too:

You’re having a seemingly innocent, but intense discussion with someone. You’re enjoying the interaction, and the […]

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Woman at peace, looking for her tribe

You’re a woman at peace with who you are. And you long for your tribe…

You actually like yourself and your body (or rather, you’ve accepted it is and don’t fret so much about it, and you actually use the words “does this make me look fat?” less). You don’t use anything that remotely produces a […]

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The Goddess in You

A goddess knows, loves and accepts herself on all levels. She has an immense sense of self-awareness, and experiences peace, love, joy, passion and fun. The goddess knows her power and that she can be anything she wants to be. She is wise, fearless, strong and beautiful.

Have you been carrying a dream for your […]

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That little inner voice – learn to recognise it

What is your little inner voice telling you? And when do you listen to it?

There is this old Cherokee tale of the two wolves fighting inside us. One wolf is filled with jealousy, anger, hatred, false pride, self-pity, resentment. The other one is full of joy, peace, love, faith, compassion. So the question is which […]

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