10 Ways to deal with toxic situations

Have you ever found yourself in a toxic situation with someone, where, try as you might, you just can’t seem to get your message across, and the other person just won’t listen? Or where their actions go against the core of what you believe to be righteous and true?

Sometimes we cannot just walk away. […]

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Doing it just for the hell of it

Why saying “WHY NOT?” is not good enough
So you are beginning to live more purposefully. You are more in touch with yourself and more driven. Your actions are meaningful and you would like to think they contribute towards a certain outcome you desire for your life. But sometimes you find yourself saying “Why not”. You do […]

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My Journal, my Companion

To journal. The image of someone sitting at a desk, late at night, with the soft glow of the desk lamp, using a beautifully crafted book with yellow-ish paper and an exquisite pen. Some people I know journal with pens dipped in ink. I love that picture and the romance I associate with it. […]

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Being Present – here and now

“My head is like a washing machine. Always busy, never present”.

Most of us know the feeling all too well. We are busy with one thing, yet our thoughts are miles away. And to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher and author of The Power of Now, the biggest cause of stress is being ‘here’ when […]

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Success? Time to redefine it?

Success. We use the word all the time. We measure what we do, how we are and what we accomplish by our yardstick of success. We use certain standards, outcomes and what happens, as checkpoints whether we are “on track”. Measuring tools and measuring practices are all very good, and all very necessary.

But do […]

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Stuck again? Notice your pattern!

Stuck again? Sick of running into brick walls? So stop running into them! Problem is many of us do not even realise we are running towards it. We  are unaware of our patterns.
We all have felt stuck at times. One of the most empowering things during transformation is when you start noticing patterns. But […]

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Your best guide – YOU

There is this great line from Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”  right in the beginning – when Liz is just starting to go through this turmoil about her marriage – where she is in the bathroom and hears a voice:  ” Just go back to bed!” No earth-shattering, life changing command, no spooky vision asking her to abandon […]

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Increase your awareness

Are you going through life without awareness? There is an art to becoming fully aware. Here is a quick exercise that may help you to strengthen your “awareness muscles”.
What is awareness?
It is an acute openness and knowing or feeling what is happening around you, but applying your full attention only to where it is […]

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What are you waiting for??

Or another word for it…procrastinating.

Are you finding you are constantly getting ready? Always one more thing to do before it is finally done? More things to learn, to consider, to acquire, before we can act?

There is a time to DO. Things need not be 100%, or even 80% – in fact it seldom is. […]

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