Healing Fear with Love

In scrolling through Facebook news feed, I become aware of the persona people put up for the world. I also become aware of dramas and how easy it is to create a wave of fear, resentment, and hatred.

Now this is not about “positive thinking”, putting our heads in the sand, not taking necessary and reasonable precautions, or […]

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Whoever said personal growth was easy?

I often finish blog posts with the words “whoever said personal growth was easy…”.

So we know that in order to achieve a goal or reach a destination we need to know exactly where we are. But if we talk about transformation, we also need to know exactly who we are. So I’ve come to realise that very […]

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At the start of 2016, make sure you…

Hello and welcome to 2016!

So this morning, Facebook reminds me of what I thought of exactly one year ago:

The words of course very true. But more strikingly to me this morning was the image. For two reasons. (Okay three, as I do find the gentleman depicted a fabulous specimen of the human race!)

Striking because I have a great affinity […]

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December Promotions

Make sure you know what you can currently make use of…

I’m not ALSO going to say how this year has flown. And, in saying that – I have just said it!
That is part of the power and the beauty to work with the mind, body, emotions and spirit as I do…I can say and do […]

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Quite a few things to share

You may be aware that I am a great fan of Carl Jung’s theories. A major part for me is the integration of the feminine and masculine in all of us (part of the reason for the yin-yang tattoo on my wrist in case you have wondered!)Another aspect which fascinates me is symbols.Jung believed that working with symbols […]

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Which Way?? – Yes Paradigm Newsletter, 8 May 2015

I am writing to you from Wilderness again. I am here to help launch the SACBW (South African Council of Business Woman) – Garden Route branch, of which I have taken on the role of Vice Chair for new members.The SACBW is a wonderful platform for women in business to share, learn and grow. So – […]

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