Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” ~ Thomas Jefferson

How do you differentiate yourself? Nothing is new and you can be sure that if you get an idea, somebody has attempted it before. What makes one person succeed where others fail? One soar while others merely passed?

The difference is the way they do it. Their attitude.

Attitude is a way of thinking, being, behaving. Your outlook on something, how you carry yourself…regardless of what happens.

Here’s what I have discovered: To attract what you need in life, you have to expect things to work in your favour. If you want to soar, expect to soar. Do not ignore danger, pitfalls or possible (real) hazards, and make proper plans, but once you have considered these, EXPECT to succeed.

It is called PMA, Positive Mental Attitude. PMA is not mere positive thinking, but the enthusiasm to view every event as a fresh opportunity and expecting it to go well! It is recognising the best in every relationship, event or situation, and coping with negative situations and challenges and learning from them (for they will arise, that’s life!).

Choices lead to empowerment.  Every encounter produces a result, and you have a choice to ensure the result is positive. How are you using your ability to choose?

Simply by being aware of how you talk to yourself. It sounds so simple, just one thing! So why is it so hard!?

This is where it really besomes helpful to understand our subconscious beliefs and patterns. And it remains a continuous process. You can get clear about your attitude and change it right instantly, but you constantly have to ensure it is a positive one. Our attitude gets affected by our environment, the company we keep, our relationships, and our beliefs, knowledge, emotions and experiences. If you want to have a positive mental attitude, some of these will have to go or change. Constantly check on your attitude.

I will list a few more stumbling blocks that often cause us to forget our PMA…so be mindful of these:

1.      Perfectionism

You’ve probably heard people say “my biggest weakness is I am a perfectionist”. And you probably rolled your eyes. Or said it yourself and cringed. Stop using that as an excuse, see the situation for what it is, go out there and expect it to go well!

2.      No sense of direction

Attitude is not the only thing that will get you there – you need action. But it will be a much better directed action, plus you will arrive in style with the right attitude. So stop killing your attitude by drifting. Set goals and get clear on your direction.

3.      Unfinished business

Do you let go or do you persevere? That question causes endless procrastination and fretting about it can make you old. Address what is in your control, and if it is not, let it go or walk away. You may want to enlist the support of someone you trust or a professional to help. But dwelling does not help to cultivate PMA.

4.      Not focusing

It is hard for a scattered brain to have a positive mental attitude. You can not do it if you are all over the place. Become present and mindful. Learn techniques to help you with that.

5.      Fear, low self-esteem

This robs us from a winner’s attitude. No matter how hard you try to hide it, not holding yourself in high regard will show. Fear makes us deny reality, or worse, exaggerate the negative. Reality is somewhere in between but you have to own up to it and face it. That is PMA – seeing the situation for what it is and recognizing the best in it. Do not be afraid to get help in addressing unconscious belief patterns that are holding you back.

6.      Associations and environment

I’ve said it before. Watch your environment and who you associate with. Why make it harder by hanging with those who bring you down? It is killing your PMA. Start managing your energy better.

So, to attract what you desire, to stand out, to differentiate yourself, you need to cultivate the right ATTITUDE. In the famous words of Dr. Seuss: Why fit in when you were born to stand out!

About the author:

Celeste Du Toit is a transformational Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and speaker. She is passionate about working with people who dare to dream or think out of the box, and who long for “something more”.

She works individually or with groups, runs regular workshops and delivers inspirational speaking engagements. 

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