There is this great line from Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”  right in the beginning – when Liz is just starting to go through this turmoil about her marriage – where she is in the bathroom and hears a voice:  ” Just go back to bed!” No earth-shattering, life changing command, no spooky vision asking her to abandon everything right there and then, no Field-of-Dreams-if-you-build-it-they-will-come-type voice. No, just a quiet voice (which she actually recognised as coming from within her) telling her to do the only sensible thing she could do at that moment. Now, Liz at the time is starting to question life’s purpose and meaning, so go back to “go back to bed” was probably not what she was anticipating. But she obeys. And then things start changing.

And isn’t that just the beauty of letting things happen. If  we allow it, IT (and you may call “it” the universe, God, divine guidance, Source) always has to best timing. It is when we interfere or have expectations that things go pear shaped. Oh yes, we have to take action on the calling, and Liz did, but right at that moment the realization was enough for her. She did not need to do anything more than go back to bed, as her path had already been altered at that point in time.

I not recognize myself in this scenario! I can procrastinate for days, weeks, months and then when I at last get going, wild horses can’t stop me. When I feel a “calling”, I want to act immediately. Going back to bed is then not an option. I can just see myself: “well, God, (I refer to God not in a religious sense or as a separate entity, but as a name for the divine guidance within and around me), God, you wanted me to realise/see/understand this, and here I am, ready and willing (well sometimes not so willing, but still) –  and you’re telling me to go back to bed??”.

Yet, sometimes it is just the act of surrendering, allowing and doing nothing that is the next step. And really if I trust this guidance enough to have come to realise this, shouldn’t I also trust it to guide me further? So we are probably dealing with my very old and familiar friend, IMPATIENCE. Going back to bed did not mean Liz’s life was not going to change, it just was not going to (physically) change THAT NIGHT. That night she needed the rest.

So, let us just “go back to bed” when we need the rest.

Love and light,