You have goals. And the knowledge and the skills to achieve them. But perhaps not enough.

Or so you think.

You have goals. And you are clear about what you need to achieve them. You are thirsty for information; learning all you can, acquiring skills. To the point of information overload. Yet, you are not achieving your goals. Your focus is elsewehere. You are focusing on learning, and not on implementation.

You have become a perpetual student. The person constantly seeking more and more information, but not fully using it. The one always learning, learning, learning, but failing to implement these learnings. Someone continually acquiring new skills and knowledge (or often the same ones just in a different way), but not using them.

Information is the big key in this life. The internet, and with it information, has caused and is causing the biggest turnaround in our lifetime, enabling people to become knowledgeable and able, and to base their life decisions on this information. But herein lies the paradox. More information is available, more opportunities to learn, but the question is: Are the information or opportunities being used? And I am the first to put my hand up: GUILTY!

We are now blaming the information sources. “Too much information!” we scream. “Too many choices!” What? We blame the “thing” (information overload), and not our pattern. Our pattern of not implementing (using) that information is what is the problem. Why do we have an information overload? Because we are not doing. You know what they say; knowing without doing is the same as not knowing.

I always try to relate some of my own experiences as illustration. One of my core values – the things that drive me in life – is to experience new things. I learn (and feel good) through expanding my horizons, but it can become a bit like constantly training for a race without ever actually running it. I could learn or educate myself forever, without implementing. I also get bored very quickly, so I have a tendency to jump from one thing to the next very easily. So I have to be careful not to be constantly chasing new things, learning more, and learning different things, as you know the danger in this… becoming jack of all trades but master of none!

So perhaps a few pointers…. Make sure I actually implement?

Learn what supports your goals first

For a “perpetual student” it can be very tempting to want to learn about all sorts of things. Good. Have an enquiring mind, find out about stuff, but concentrate (focus) on the stuff that supports your goals first. (And secondary to this, know what they are – your goals, as well as what you need to learn to achieve them!) Know what you need to know to achieve your goals, and focus on those. It is an opportunity to strengthen your “focus” muscles.

Recognise when you have learnt something

We learn something every day, and in fact all the time, but most of us have also become lazy in recognising this. We either dismiss it as something we know, or we fail to actually see it. We have become blaze.

Stop trying to be perfect

This one actually belongs in my “procrastination blog”. But perhaps you find you do not implement because you are too busy getting ready. Perhaps not trusting yourself enough? Perhaps you are trying to do too much; to be too perfect. What is the reason you are not implementing? Are you procrastinating? Think about it, and simplify.

You know more thank you think you do.

All I am saying here is – you do. Go and find out. And more importantly, you have a duty to. That is what “light and love” means…get the light (information) in, and then use it (love).

Now learning is a constant process. So it would make sense to learn, then implement, then check your results, learn some more, implement some more, and so on. Make sure you go full circle on this. Implementation is part of learning. PLEASE DO NOT ACQUIRE TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE IN STEAD OF ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS.

By the way, if you want to learn more about core values, goals or what drives you, please contact me. I make it my mission to support people in that way and I have tools to support you in learning that. It is up to you to implement. 

About the authorCeleste Du Toit is a transformational Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and speaker. She is passionate about working with people who dare to dream or think out of the box, and who long for “something more”.

She works individually or with groups, runs regular workshops and delivers inspirational speaking engagements. 

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