YES Power Program

5 Keys to Fulfillment
I don’t have time to live a mediocre life. I want to be happy, and leave a legacy. How about you?

YES Power Program is an Online Program covering 5 needs (called “KEYS”), enabling you to lead a more fulfilled, balanced and happy life.

I have a passion for what I do and I firmly believe you can find passion, peace, abundance, joy AND success in this life too. With this program I aim to reach more people with less resources (my own time and theirs!) as they can follow and participate without having to set aside time to see ME. It is also financially more affordable than personal empowerment sessions.


YES Power Program covers the following KEYS:

Key #1 – Attracting what you need, creating abundance

Key #2 – Successful communication and interaction with yourself and others

Key #3 – Personal power, self-esteem, purpose and meaning

Key #4 – Creativity, thinking out of the box, mindfulness etc

Key #5 – Moving forward, goal setting, overcoming obstacles.

For R500, you receive the following:

  • Teaching Audio (+/- 45 mins) on a selected KEY
  • Workbook in PDF form on a selected KEY
  • 1 x Coaching session (in person or via Skype)
  • 10% discount on a 2nd coaching session

Sign up for all 5 KEYS: R2,000

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Imagine loving what you do, and getting rewarded for it!

Feel that confidence inside you, that feeling that you’re unstoppable…

How would it be to connect with that special person in a way that makes you forget about the world

Can you imagine feeling good about your body – feeling healthy, happy, alive?

I’ve identified 5 key challenges and 5 key solutions

Watch this video to get a sneak peak.