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Freedom and red shoes…

Have you ever longed for freedom? 
Freedom reminds me of this fairly tale of a very poor little girl. She was so poor she could not afford a pair of shoes, but she longed for a red pair. When a rich woman adopted her it was the first thing she asked for. So she wore them […]

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Information overload killing you goals?

You have goals. And the knowledge and the skills to achieve them. But perhaps not enough.
Or so you think.
You have goals. And you are clear about what you need to achieve them. You are thirsty for information; learning all you can, acquiring skills. To the point of information overload. Yet, you are not achieving your […]

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Great reasons to get honest with yourself

“The first thing is to be honest with yourself….Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, honesty and humility”. These are words by Nelson Mandela. So why do we do things or act in a certain way? Are we being honest?

It can be healthy and liberating to do something “for the hell of it”, or […]

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Healing Fear with Love

In scrolling through Facebook news feed, I become aware of the persona people put up for the world. I also become aware of dramas and how easy it is to create a wave of fear, resentment, and hatred.

Now this is not about “positive thinking”, putting our heads in the sand, not taking necessary and reasonable precautions, or […]

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Young Spirit, Great Life

Cultivate Greatness when you are Young
A great, inspired life has nothing to do with age. It is being the best you can be.

There is this line from Alice in Wonderland, when the Mad Hatter sees Alice again, years after meeting her on her first adventure and he exclaims: “You’re not the same as […]

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Connection: Have we lost it?

When did we reduce everything to ‘Ks’ and ‘likes’?
Recently I received a hand-written thank you card in the post. It has been pasted up on my fridge door ever since. Oh, the feeling I had when I realised this was an actual card, the anticipation opening it! Then saw an elderly man over December […]

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10 Ways to deal with toxic situations

Have you ever found yourself in a toxic situation with someone, where, try as you might, you just can’t seem to get your message across, and the other person just won’t listen? Or where their actions go against the core of what you believe to be righteous and true?

Sometimes we cannot just walk away. […]

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Whoever said personal growth was easy?

I often finish blog posts with the words “whoever said personal growth was easy…”.

So we know that in order to achieve a goal or reach a destination we need to know exactly where we are. But if we talk about transformation, we also need to know exactly who we are. So I’ve come to realise that very […]

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Doing it just for the hell of it

Why saying “WHY NOT?” is not good enough
So you are beginning to live more purposefully. You are more in touch with yourself and more driven. Your actions are meaningful and you would like to think they contribute towards a certain outcome you desire for your life. But sometimes you find yourself saying “Why not”. You do […]

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At the start of 2016, make sure you…

Hello and welcome to 2016!

So this morning, Facebook reminds me of what I thought of exactly one year ago:

The words of course very true. But more strikingly to me this morning was the image. For two reasons. (Okay three, as I do find the gentleman depicted a fabulous specimen of the human race!)

Striking because I have a great affinity […]

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