How do I help you?

You know how even if financially we’re doing well, we can struggle with self-doubt or low self-esteem, feel trapped in our careers, unfulfilled or not appreciated in our relationships, or feel we’ve lost a sense of purpose, meaning or joy. Especially if we are going through major life changes.   Let me introduce some of the services and modalities I use to help you…    

Life Coaching

Helping You Move Forward With Personalized Coaching

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), powerful questioning technique and integrated tools to help you move forward, develop your full potential, gain confidence and reclaim your self-worth and joy.

Why Change?

If it were so easy to change or to eliminate the things that prevent us from moving forward, wouldn’t we all do it tomorrow? The reality is that many of us don’t. We might be holding back due to fear, ignorance, or because we simply fail to recognize opportunities. And sometimes we are ready, but we fail to take the first step.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is personal development in action. It is a facilitated, structured process, during which the coach uses effective questioning to help a client close the gap between where they are and where they would like to be. So, a coach helps to move them from their current reality to future desired goals. Goals are determined by the client. The coach merely helps the client to identify and overcome negative thoughts and mental blocks, suggests resources to help them, and supports them to turn ideas into action. Family, friends or colleagues often come with preconceived ideas and judgments about us. A coach comes to us with an open mind and the skills to make things happen! They help us to discover what truly drives us and what we need to change, and then inspire, motivate and work with us to bring about change

My Approach

I use official and trusted life coaching techniques, coupled with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). During a typical session we analyse your goals, where you currently are and what might possibly holding you back. We then identify some options and agree on actions plans. In my coaching I use a variety of questions and NLP techniques. As we uncover more, we may concentrate aspects, but you remain in charge of the agenda and what you want to achieve. Sessions can take place either via Skype or in person. I work best with clients who WANT to move forward, and for whom the pain of not doing it is simply too much.

Does this sound like you?


You feel restricted by expectations and a lack of choice or freedom


You feel trapped in your job or career with no means of “escape”


You feel stuck in a mediocre or unsatisfying relationship


You question your spirituality and want to deepen it


You “have it all”, but are lonely and unhappy inside


You are unfulfilled, and feel stuck or in a rut


You know you’re destined for more in life


You are experiencing major life changes


You long for adventure, joy and passion

A Life Coach can help you to

– Identify clearly where you want to go in life and how you are going to get there. – Identify your core values (what drives you) and make sure your thoughts, actions and habits are supporting it. – Evaluate your priorities and level of fulfillment in the key areas of life, and how to improve on it.
– Overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles that may have prevented you from moving forward. – Take the first step towards change and support you along the way. – Realise “quick wins” and stay focused on longer term goals. – Visualize your dreams coming true.
– Delve a bit deeper within or look off into the future and become honest with yourself. – Align mind, body and spirit if you wish to and become more cantered in the moment. – Gain a sense of personal mastery and fulfillment.

KaHuna Massage And Bodywork

A dynamic, deep, yet gentle massage, restoring flow and allows for healing and release at a very deep level.  Ka Huna is also called the “massage of loving touch” or “dance of breath and life from the heart”. It is an ancient healing system from the Polynesian shamans that restores balance to the mind, body and soul. The massage feels very supportive and nurturing, and allows for a feeling of safety to surrender and to let go.  

The therapist uses dynamic, rhythmic, wavelike motions over the body and it is left feeling cleansed, balanced and connected. As the body becomes more open, flexible and flowing, one can move through life with greater ease and presence. Very relaxing, it works gently but deeply into the muscles using continuous flowing strokes nurturing the body.

Ka Huna is different from many other forms of massage in that instead of focusing only on one level, such as the physical in the case of remedial massage, it works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

It may release past life memories, stress and trauma locked away in the subconscious mind, and create harmony in the body’s subtle energy channels. As energy starts to flow more freely, the natural healing powers of the body gets unblocked.

On a simplistic level, greater well-being is maintained. And it just feels wow!


Gently balancing the body’s energies, assisting greatly in relieving stress, creating a space for the body to heal and a sense of well-being. It also ensures that sickness passes quickly or to promote recovery from an operation, alleviate pain, or eliminate more serious conditions from the body. Pure and simple, grounded and effective.

Core Regeneration Therapy

A healing journey to regenerate the body’s own healing abilities, re-awakening the core energy to restore it to its natural state of healthier and relaxation. Our bodies have an innate intelligence and they warn us when something needs to be looked at, when something is out of order, or off-balance. I encounter this almost daily when a client tells me “by the way” about a particular physical problem, but the mental or emotional connection is crystal clear** (read on to see how clear) to me. A wonderful tool I often use in conjunction with other therapies (NLP Reiki, KaHuna bodywork), is Core Regeneration Therapy (CRT). Every time I use it, I am blown away by the what the body tells me. It is an excellent way to validate, but also to bypass many long-winded processes and questioning. I have added some more info about CRT below.   

CRT is based on the presumption that the body-mind system was created with all the necessary resources to heal itself. This core energy is affected by blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Balancing the mind-body system restores it to its natural state and results in a healthier and more relaxed client.

How it works CRT is  system through which the body’s core energy is re-awakened. A practitioner takes their client on a healing journey to regenerate the body’s own healing abilities at core level. The practitioner uses a muscle test to gain access to the information required. I have already used it with the most wonderful results; the core energy of the body always direct you to affected areas.  

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