In scrolling through Facebook news feed, I become aware of the persona people put up for the world. I also become aware of dramas and how easy it is to create a wave of fear, resentment, and hatred.

Now this is not about “positive thinking”, putting our heads in the sand, not taking necessary and reasonable precautions, or ignoring issues. These issues are real, in our space and we need to face them and deal with them.
But let us stop buying into the fear and the messages of victimhood.  And other people’s dramas. By doing it, we are sending out the idea that people are powerless and we are stoking the fire (vibration) of fear. And this feeds more fear.

Should we turn a blind eye? Not at all! If we can empower others, and especially as Workers or Bringers of Light, we need to do it (note, I say “empower”, not “help”!).

So how can we respond?
With compassion, understanding, and above all, LOVE. Just as easy as it is to create and stoke the fire of fear, just as easy it is to do it with a love vibration. Just put the intention out there to change your vibration.

But perhaps it is not as cool. Not as dramatic or sensational. And it does not sell.
But still, let us do it.

I would love to elaborate on how we create our illnesses, and more importantly, how we can address the root cause and reverse it to create wholeness (wellness). Louise Hay (and others) have for years shared and taught this in – amongst others – books like You Can Heal Your Life. I am also not saying that it is your “fault” for creating the illness. It is real, and needs to be dealt with. But I am suggesting to explore the reason behind it, by understanding the root causes. These is indeed our soul lessons or growth points we need to work through. Our Soul Journey. In fact, a beautiful opportunity!

But I’ll do that another time. First, let us start creating that vibration of love and stop giving fear power. We can do that immediately by stop saying “Oh, Shame, you poor thing!” when people loudly proclaim what a bad day they are having, or to stop feeling sorry for them. And to stop confirming fear, anger and hate when someone else does. Social media creates an excellent platform to either give in to fear, or rise up to love. Let us rather work on understanding the difference between responding with sympathy, anger and hate (dis-empowering) and responding with empathy, compassion, love and wisdom (empowering).

And let us start honouring each other’s lessons and dramas. Let us rather work on our own “stuff”….


About the author: Celeste Du Toit is a transformational Life Coach, NLP practitioner, healer and speaker. She runs individual, professional and online coaching programs, workshops and retreats.

Celeste is passionate about working with people to bring about change, take control, lead a more fulfilled life and overcome limiting beliefs that may prevent them from reaching their full potential.

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