A goddess knows, loves and accepts herself on all levels. She has an immense sense of self-awareness, and experiences peace, love, joy, passion and fun. The goddess knows her power and that she can be anything she wants to be. She is wise, fearless, strong and beautiful.

Have you been carrying a dream for your life inside you? And does that dream fill you with joy and passion, and do you want to inspire people living it?

Thing is, so many of us are living someone else’s dream.

I am on a mission. A mission for women to rediscover and embrace their Feminine Power. I want them to let their Inner Goddess out.

So many women still hold on to old paradigms, old outdated beliefs about who we should be and what we should do. We know how to give, we know how to love and we know how to do it. We are SuperMom, SuperPartner and SuperBusinessWoman. But, somewhere along the line, we have forgotten about ourselves. We can deal with the outside world, we have faced and overcome challenges, we hold our own and cope with demands very effectively, but often to the expense of our own needs and desires.

It goes wider than this though. There is a collective movement to becoming more conscious. Many of us are experiencing an un-ease; we are questioning the status quo and becoming increasingly aware of meaning and purpose (or the perceived lack of it). I speak to a lot of women (and men!) and many are beginning to ask: ”Is this it?”, sensing something greater in themselves.

So this is about taking the journey to discover who you truly are, and uncovering the great potential that I believe is inside every woman. We need to reclaim the wild woman inside of us; the inner goddess. Let’s go back to who we really are and live our own dream.

This is not about feminism, neither am I proclaiming we should all go “wild” with greasy, unkempt hair and fingernails. I am proud to be a woman who looks after herself. Throughout generations and centuries women have adorned themselves with jewellery, make-up and exquisite dress. Few things are as pleasurable to the eye as a beautiful well-groomed woman. But what goes on deep inside? What have we hidden, neglected or even killed in ourselves….?

I am so excited about being a woman in this era. Women are the leaders, the pillars and the engagers. We have immense power and beauty in us. That is why I love the Goddess archetype as a universal understanding of what we can connect to and how to explore and share our natural gifts. Through the years the goddess archetype has been trivialised. It once conjured visions of strong, fearless, yet nurturing and beautiful women, but the image has been tarnished by what was often a sexist, stereotypical association.

But alas, times are changing and the true inner goddess is emerging yet again!

The Wild Woman

“Within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. But she is an endangered species.”

These are famous words of Jungian analyst and storyteller Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Dr. Estés has explored the concept of the Wild Woman in her book, Women who run with the Wolves, a book that I personally view as a handbook for my life. But who is the Wild Woman?

It is the woman who can no longer stay hidden. It is a return to our natural, instinctive, powerful ways of being feminine. The woman who is longer trying to be something or trying to become, but instead, just being. When being is enough, as it is the way we are meant to be. It is unleashing your Inner Goddess.

Why the Goddess?

Our psyche needs these images to nurture its growth. Goddess, from a feminine perspective, represents a particular feminine archetype. Archetypes are deep enduring and instinctive patterns of thought and behaviour laid down in the human psyche that remain powerful over long periods of time and transcend cultures.

There are many goddess archetypes, and understanding the influences of these types may be helpful for a woman to create and live her own life story, not that of others. It can help her to relate, express and find meaningful choices for herself as an individual. Relating to an archetype can guide a woman to understand herself and can lead to an increased awareness of her deepest desires, fears and behaviours. It raises the consciousness and awareness, in the process of discovery and self-actualization.

Anita Revel is an Australian authorcolumnistbody image campaigner and founding member of the Goddess Association in Australia. She also happens to be born in the same year as me. This is what she has to say about the goddess:

A goddess is someone who

  • celebrates her physical body and her connection to Earth, family and humanity
  • is comfortable with infinite abundance, emotional flow and creative freedom
  • is proud of her Self and her actions in all her aspects
  • fosters mutually fulfilling relationships at all levels
  • speaks her truth with diplomacy and shares her learnings with grace
  • clearly knows what is right for her, and acts in honour of her innate wisdom and intuition
  • revels in her divine purpose or work with gratitude, dignity and generosity

Easy words, but I dare you to go back to them and really understand what each sentence means to you. And to ask yourself: Am I living it?

How do you uncover that Inner Goddess?

Set an intention

I have said it – this is a journey. The lightbulb-moment is only the start. Once that light has been switched on, what do you do with it? It saddens me when someone is mentally and spiritually asleep, but it saddens me more when they have seen the “light” and then choose to fall asleep again. There are many heads buried in the sand. We need a collective intention to wake up and to stay awake. The journey may not be an easy one. But it is so liberating. So set an intention and be prepared to step up.

Awaken your wild, instinctive nature

Yes, uncover that wild woman and go back to your natural instinctive wisdom and beauty. But be warned – once you start learning what drives you, the process may be so liberating that you may not want to stop! Like La Loba (The One Who Knows) from Woman Who Run with the Wolves, who sings over the bones (a metaphor for the indestructible life force, the spirit), discover your soul voice that brings alive that which is indestructible within you.

Understand the effects of the natural cycles on your emotions, energy levels and wellbeing

Like nature, the feminine body has a flow, a rhythm, a natural period of blooming and a natural period of waning and purification. Many of us have been ignoring it. Since ancient times women have honoured these cycles and shared it through circles of wisdom, but somehow these traditions have fallen by the wayside. There is now room for a modern, emancipated way of sharing the wisdom and being proud of our bodies’ restorative processes, so let us embrace it!

Get in touch with and release your emotions

Somewhere along the line, women have been made to feel that to show emotion, is to show weakness. Somehow we have begun to keep our emotions to ourselves. And unfortunately for many this has resulted in a numbness; an inability to feel how we feel. We need to restore the balance between total hysteria and being really in touch with what we feel, and not be afraid or ashamed to show it.  Not what we think we feel by describing it, but by feeling it – in our bodies. And then learn to release what does not serve us, and let go.

Tap into your power as a woman and balance the yin and yang

Now, reclaim your courage and softness, your power and beauty, your strength and your vulnerability. Be fearless and show your muscles, but please, be gentle doing it. We – the world, corporations, nations, your loved ones – need you to show both aspects. It is not a want, it is a need. The old paradigm of honouring only the traditional masculine energies has died many moons ago.

See and celebrate the beauty in yourself, others and the world

We are merely mirrors. Go beyond what the eye can see, but look with the heart. And then reflect through the eyes. Accept and be grateful;  for what you see in you is merely a reflection of what you see in the world. If you do not honour the beauty in you, how can you honour that of the world!

And of course this is often a very tall order for women; undoing the damage done by years of association, false images and ideals, and shame and disgust about not living up to warped ideas of what is ‘real’. Which leads to…

Dismantle the unhealthy sense of competition that undermines women’s body image and libido

This goes way beyond the physical idea of sex. The libido is like water, which must have a gradient if it is to flow. What is the natural gradient of your energy? Where does it want to flow? And how can you direct that flow naturally, safely and beautifully? Without attaching any label or expectation to it…

Become more creative and intuitive, the way you are designed to be

You have uncovered the Wild Woman inside of you. You feel liberated, strong and beautiful. Now learn to hone those natural talents. Remember that dream for your life that you have been carrying? Now is your time to make it real. But you have to use your talents to do it. The lights have gone on, so now the onus is on you. You have a responsibility, a duty, to develop these talents.

Discover a renewed sense of love and compassion for self and others

Walk the labyrinth. Go to the centre and connect with your deepest Self, and then carry that connection and love to others.

Are you a woman who wants to live life to the full and experience all the joy, love and aliveness it has to offer? Then perhaps you and I will meet. The process of discovery, rebirthing and evolution is exactly that – a process. It is a journey. This may be the start for you, it may be a beacon of affirmation or it may be just the spark you need to fulfil something. My wish is that wherever you are on your journey, that you will embrace it and make it part of your journey continuing forward. Because once that veil has been lifted we cannot go back to our old paradigms. There is so much to do, so much to discover, so much to learn, so much to love.

Now, go out and live your dream. You are the Goddess!

“…A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, Dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love great. You will be changed. The very fabric of your Being will be altered by this. If you allow it. Please, allow it…” ~ Author unknown

About the Author: Celeste Du Toit is a transformational Coach, NLP Practitioner, Healer, Inspirational Speaker and Workshop Facilitator. She works on holistic principles, and helps you to become unstuck, become balanced and live a fulfilled life.

Celeste is the founder of YES Paradigm Coaching, a provider of individual, group, professional and online coaching programs, workshops, seminars and retreats.

Celeste hosts regular Goddess Retreats and Women’s wisdom circles. For details of the next one, click: YES Paradigm Events and https://www.facebook.com/events/1899044236993592