8 Powerful Habits To Implement Before Going To Bed

You know the feeling. You’ve had a long, hard day, and all you want to do is flop down, forget about everything and wait for bliss (and tomorrow) to come.

But wait! You want to be happy and successful?  We often read about powerful habits to start your day with, but how about ending the day?

Every day is an experience, and you want to make sure no day ever gets “wasted”. A circle is closed, and that is how it rolls along effortlessly; when the beginning connects with the end, and with the beginning again. Finding time to allow for some ‘me-time’ and to properly wind down, will ensure the investment you made in terms of time, effort, actions and experiences for the day, serves you in the long term.

So before you literally roll over and sleep, here are a few powerful habits you may want to start doing before you close off for the day:

  1. Greet the night

Take a moment to become aware of and to welcome the evening. After a long day, irrespective of how busy or productive you think you were, a few quiet moments will centre you and bring you back to the present moment. If possible, do it outside where you can connect with nature. If not, just sit quietly. Only a few seconds with full awareness is amazing for clearing the cobwebs gathered during the day.

  1. Stretch

Do this whether you have exercised your body or not. You don’t have to go into gymnastic contortions, just lengthen your limbs for a few minutes and breathe. Emotions, thoughts and impressions gathered during the day become stuck in our bodies. It is much easier clearing little blockages than to remove massive blocks later. Stretching helps clear the concentration of energy so that the prana (vital life force) can flow optimally through our energy centres.

  1. Become aware of your feelings

What is happening in your body, in your mind and in your heart? This is your moment to be kind to yourself and to acknowledge how you feel, without buying into emotions, allow it to control you or re-live events. Connect to a Higher Power if you wish. By doing this you take your energy back from wherever you have disposed of it during the day. You make space for YOU and honour your own being.

  1. Be grateful

Name one thing you are most grateful for that happened during the day. No matter how bad your day may have seemed, I bet there will be one thing that happened that you are grateful for – even if it is only that the day is over! Doing this also forces you to recall the events of the day and to realise all the many little things that may have gone unnoticed or have been forgotten.

  1. Review you day

It is always good to “take stock” but perhaps do it in the following way: Mentally list what was great about the day, what was good, and where your behaviour or reactions could be improved. No judgement, berating or beating-up. The emphasis is on acknowledgement, learning and improvement. And then – disconnect. From all the drama, to-do lists, external influences, and electronics!

  1. Ask a question or state your intent

When we are asleep our subconscious is awake and aware, without the filters we apply during the day when our bodies and conscious minds are awake. So the ideal time to set a question on which you need some clarity on is right before bed-time. Ask the question mindfully and then turn your attention away from it. The answer will come at the intended moment if we trust and become aware, without attaching to the outcome or trying to control it.

  1. Invest in your physical wellness

Okay, this does not belong only here. This always applies; at the start, middle, end and during the day. It is a topic for another article(s), but I had to bring it in because of its importance.  Understand how the condition of your gut, your diet, your environment, electronics and stress affect you, and change what needs to be changed.

  1. Smile

Lastly, make sure your facial features are relaxed. We hold a lot of tension in these muscles and a smile always changes things and puts us in a positive, relaxed state, ready for Dreamland and tomorrow!

Invest in your happiness and success. Start implementing these simple but powerful practices to release the blocks built up during the day, and be ready for a powerful start the next morning. You will sleep easier too!

About the author:

Celeste Du Toit is a transformational Life Coach, Speaker, Healer, and workshop facilitator in Durban. She is the founder of YES Paradigm Coaching, a provider of self-awareness and empowerment programs, workshops and retreats.

Her approach is transformational. The premise is that empowerment starts within, so it is essential to identify and change limiting beliefs and inhibiting patterns that are keeping us stuck. She uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), powerful questioning, mindfulness and healing techniques in her repertoire, as well as inspiring with her presence, passion and vitality for life.

Connect with Celeste at celeste@yesparadigm.co.za or visit www.yesparadigm.co.zaor https://www.facebook.com/yesparadigm/

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