Journaling – The New Therapy

Journaling. The image of someone sitting at a desk, late at night, with the soft glow of the desk lamp, using a beautifully crafted book with yellow-ish paper and an exquisite pen. I love that image and the romance I associate with it.

However, for most of us, that is exactly what it is – an image. Modern life calls for more than our attention, and it serves no one to add rituals and ideals that may be hard to live by.

That’s why I try to keep journaling simple, but effective. It is a tool, but a tool is only effective if it is used, and if it adds value.

So what’s the potential value? What is the deal with journaling and why is everybody talking about journaling?

  • Firstly, it is a tool for reflection, discovery, and immersion, and for making sense of what’s going on for us – mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • It can lead to a deep understanding of the journey for growth and healing.
  • Journaling is a creative way of expressing and finding release for stuck, unnamed, and even unknown emotions and energy.
  • It is meditative, healing and fun!
  • And it really is “free” therapy.

In my workshops, I aim to give you not only principles for journaling, but principles to live by.

Remember, journaling is not to be confused with a diary where you list things to do, appointments or tasks. It may contain an element of actions, but is more geared towards a flowing of ideas, experiences and musings.

Where do I start?

Perhaps you’ve asked this question many times before. And got the answer; “Just start!”

Annoying, isn’t it?

So whilst it really is so simple, it often helps to use anchoring, visualisation, and storylines. What do I mean by that?

Anchoring is to select a topic to write about. It can be as simple as the sun, your cat, or the broken tap. Or as deep as your life’s purpose. If you allow yourself enough space and freedom to continue writing, you will find you venture off the “anchor” and into the real juicy stuff anyway, but for most people, it is an easy, more concrete way to start, rather than floating on Cloud 99.

Visualisation, or for that matter, using any other sense, enables you to start exploring on a sensory level, and helps to focus the mind on something else than the chattering inside your head. What do you see/hear/smell right there? Just start scribbling away.

Storylines – ah, one of my favourites. Pretend it is not your journal, or your writing. You’re just writing a make-belief story, and let your imagination run wild (did I mention Imagination as a requirement for journaling?! Well it is, and it can be developed if you think you don’t have any!)

Lastly, just start writing. Really do. Lift your pen and start putting words, (or images, or patterns) on to the paper and do not stop until you have completed a page. Even if it is garbage or the same word over and over. And repeat.

Seriously, I would love to share more with you. In my journaling workshops, I work through 7 aspects to make journaling work for you. Here’s a big tip – I start with the BREATH. Always the breath, to get us present, in a state of flow, and out of our heads.

And then – magic happens. Here’s what people say about these workshops:

“…AHA moments!”…, “Very transformative”, “Full of wonderful ideas and insights”.“Excellent!”, “Hugely beneficial….Concrete tools….”, “Awesome interaction…”, “Great and insightful experience”, “Loved the course!”, “Excellent presentation”, “Brilliant…made such a difference”, “Powerful energy!”, “So many take-aways”, “Got so much energy and inspiration”

Warning for me – it is not for everybody!

But, If you think it may be for you, and you’d love to know more, please drop me a line. We can do one of three things:

  • Enrol you for one of my journaling workshops which is happening frequently in Durban and Pretoria
  • In the meantime, during the lockdown, (and possibly after) enrol you for a shortened online journaling workshop. Date, format and cost will depend on interest, but will obviously keep it as affordable as possible
  • Set up a one-on-one for a deep-dive (usually about 5 sessions)

Please I do need you to respond if you’re keen so I can act appropriately. My number is 082 741 9578 or email

If not, no sweat, and hopefully you can use some of the tips above J

And oh, if you do have the time, means and desire to sit at a desk, late at night, with a soft lamp, exquisite pen, and beautifully crafted paper, please go for it! Do it for us all.

In light,


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