Journey with the Goddesses – Hail, Aphrodite!

There are few women from my generation (Late ‘Boomers’, and GenX-ers) that have not been damaged by Aphrodite. As we were waking up to a distorted view of equality, yet still under the spell of the collective inversion and the hypnotic trance of what is “acceptable”, this sensual goddess archetype, known for her beauty, her celebration of her femininity, and her unapologetic embrace of her own sexuality, personified some of our most raw and vulnerable wounds.

And also some of our deepest longings.

Underneath our shoulder pads, power suits, and kick-ass boardroom behaviour, many of us hid deep uncertainty, deep shame, and deep guilt.

And a deep, primal longing in our groins.

Yet, we celebrated and took full liberty in our rising status as career women; pencil-skirted, stiletto’ed powerpacks showing the world that we are not to be fucked with. We mean business.

The media introduced us to the Kick-Ass Cruellas, Pocket Rocket Bitches, and Haughty Heroines.

Hollywood showed us Sexy Stockbroker Chicks, Director Dellillas, and Bad-Ass Boardroom Babes.

Screens everywhere TOLD us the VISION of what “they” wanted women to be. Based on the current agenda of whoever is running (i.e. paying) the “show”. Dressed up as super-enlightened (enlightened?!), ultra modern, and awake AF. (Of course, this is continuing in the present reality, only on a way more obvious and intensified level!)

Influencers, dictators, puppets and minions made sure we lived up to this screwed-up vision that was created for women, sold to us, and – through mind control – even desired by us. (And this too, of course continues, at a far more tyrannical way than what many could conceive!)

Prescribed by the controllers and their agendas, sold by the media, enslaved by Hollywood, and implemented by puppets and minions in every aspect of human life.

Society cheered us on to live up to as She Who Has Everything Under Control, She Who Can Deal with Everything At Once, She Who Takes Care of Everybody. And She Who Controls Her Emotions. And and and.

But of course, the one we ultimately desired – She Who Is Worthy Because She Is Her. Or Rather, She Who Is Worthy. Whole. Complete.

But She eluded us. Or rather, we misunderstood Her.

So we attempted to salvage our wounded and suppressed femininity through “being more like Aphrodite”. But since we did not understand her, since bought into warped views of who She was, we presented half-assed, messed up, distorted, and utterly clumsy images of Her. Since we only wanted to be one aspect of Her, but cringed at what we dared not talk about – the taboos – we spiraled deeper into the abyss of unworthiness. And to hide the unworthiness we became what we judged. We used sexuality as collateral. We hid our wounds and fear of rejection under layers of flesh. We chased emptiness. We resented. We scorned. We were hurt, so we hurt.

Fortunately, that is only one part of the story. There was an even deeper longing. The longing to be free. As the walls of control closed down, our divine spark, flared up. Some call her the Wild Woman. Some calls her Free Spirit. She also has many names, but because she had been buried long before Aphrodite had been shamed, the puppet masters forgot about her.

And so at last, as we have exhausted our pretense, when we finally curled up into a ball and discarded the layers of false bravado, when the deeper, more intense longing to break free couldn’t be sustained any longer, we started listening to our hearts, our wombs, and our souls, and we heard Aphrodite’s song. She sings of her appreciation of her magnificence, her enjoyment and celebration of who she is, and her lust for life.

And I rejoice. Because I have witnessed, and personally experienced the true reclamation of Aphrodite (Or Venus, or Ishtar, or Inanna, or whoever personifies these magnificent attributes for you). I am seeing a genuine desire to embody, innerstand, and live the essence of beauty, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, and true worthiness.

Of course I also see the exact polar opposite in the renewed distortion, shame and suppression of these gifts, but I can now look beyond it.

It does not affect me.

The Aphrodite in me does not care.

She is too busy being beautiful, bountiful, and in total bliss.


About the Author:

Celeste Du Toit is a Transformational Coach and Holistic Therapist. She is known for her deep work on thought patterns and the manifestation thereof on our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, and her self-awareness and empowerment workshops and retreats help people align with their true purpose and ZEST for life. Her focus and earth mission is to help heal individual and planetary misalignment and shadows, to assist with the evolution of consciousness.


IG: @transformation_with_celeste