Is your cause and your Non-Profit organisation important enough for you to empower yourself?

WISHING you had more money is not a strategy! To WORRY about your organisation’s lack of funds is not a strategy. What is your PLAN to get your non-profit organisation financially sustainable? You need to have a plan. A big part of that plan MUST be to upskill yourself

You cannot learn everything in a day. But you can learn something every day, and I would love to be part of your journey through one or more of my training courses.

NPO Fundraising Forum

Do you have the need for training and inspiration on how to run your Non-Profit in a more sustainable way?  Join my “NPO Fundraising Forum” for affordable, in-depth training on a wide range of NPO related matters.

The training will be in the form of a series of 25 live online training sessions that will happen over the course a year. Our first session will be on Wednesday 2 September at 14h00.

I am going to empower you on a wide range of NPO related topics but our main focus is going to be Fundraising and Marketing.

Fundraising in Tough Times

This 30-minute video program focuses on what the marketing message of your NGO should be during the current crises. I also discuss a helpful tool for receiving donations.

I have split this session by firstly talking about YOU and in the second part I focus on one or two things that you can do in your welfare organisation to not only cope, but to make the best of this time.

Go get a cup of coffee and enjoy the next 30 minutes with me

5 Tips & Tricks to Streamline your Online Marketing

As always, I start with some personal development. I do it because if there is one thing I know for sure: it is that if YOU do not grow, your organisation cannot grow.

In the organisational development section, I will discuss 5 easy things you can do to streamline your online marketing.

I trust you will enjoy this program and that it will contribute to your personal and organisational development.

Fundraising and Marketing for NGOs

If you are concerned about your organisation’s fundraising & marketing (or lack there-off 🙂 this program is a must for you!

This training program was filmed during a Live Training Event. There are a total of 15 videos (3 hours) which will give you an overview of the elements needed for a successful Marketing and Fundraising strategy as well as practical tips and ideas to implement.

This is a highly beneficial online training program for Fundraisers, Managers and Board members.

Building blocks for Successful Fundraising

The purpose of this program is to give you an overview of the essential elements needed for a successful fundraising strategy.

It is not the one or two big things you do every now and then that will make your organisation financially sustainable. It is the lots and lots and LOTS of small things you do over many years that will enable you to raise funds for your cause.

This training video will change the way you look at fundraising!

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