Fundraising in Tough Times

We can look at the current situation as “The worst thing that has ever happened” OR we can look at it saying “How can I make the best of it – how can I turn this situation around for my benefit – how can my organisation grow through this experience – how can we do things more effectively than ever before?”

This video focuses on what the marketing message of your NGO should be. I also discuss a helpful tool for receiving online donations.

I have split this 30-minute session by firstly talking about YOU and in the second part I will focus on one or two things that you can do in your welfare organisation to not only cope, but to make the best of this time.

Remember: If you do not grow, your organisation cannot grow!

The same thoughts will give you the same results. New thoughts will provide you with new results.

If you are not happy with the fundraising results of your organisation – it goes without saying that you need to change your strategy.

A new strategy can only happen if you upskill yourself about various new ways of raising funds.

Technology plays a vital role in successful fundraising.

How skilled are you in terms of using technology to raise funds?

Your Fundraising efforts can only be as good as YOU are.

YOU are the most important part of your fundraising strategy – upskill upskill UPSKILL yourself!


When can I start watching this video?

You will get access to the video as soon as you register on my online training platform. Registration is free but you need to do it to create your account.

How much does it cost to buy this online training?

This is one of my free online training sessions.

How long will I have access to the video?

You will have access to the training video for as long as it is on my training platform.

How long will it take me to watch this video?

The total length of the training video is 30 minutes – so why not do it right now!

Can I watch the video more than once?

Yes, you can watch it as many times as you like – you would probably want to watch it more than once!

Will this make me a better fundraiser?

The training is guaranteed to add value to you as a person as well as to your Non-Profit. It will for sure change the way you think about fundraising!

Is your organisation important enough for you to empower yourself in terms of Fundraising & Marketing?

You cannot learn everything in a day – but you can learn something every day.

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