Fundraising & Marketing for NGOs

This 3-hour online training program will give you an overview of the elements needed for a successful Marketing and Fundraising strategy for your organisation. It was filmed during a live training event and is highly recommended for fundraisers, managers as well as board members!


  • How Do You Run Your NGO?
  • How Do You Think About Money?
  • Culture Of Fundraising
  • What Does Your Fundraising Baskets Look Like?
  • Creating A Steady Stream Of Money
  • Creating an online presence


  • What Is Marketing?
  • How Are You Standing Out?
  • How Do You Want The World To View Your NGO?
  • Using Social Media As Part Of Your Strategy
  • Website > Facebook > Database > Emails = Marketing Tools
  • Most important marketing messages.

If your organisation does not have money, you cannot render services.

So is it not time to give more attention to developing your Fundraising and Marketing strategy?

It will enable you to look at your organisation with a new level of understanding regarding:

Why is fundraising such a challenge

What should a marketing strategy look like?

How should NGOs use social media?

By watching these videos, you will get an overview of Fundraising & Marketing.

In addition, you will also receive practical tips and ideas that you can implement immediately.


When can I start watching this video?

You will get access to the videos as soon as you have paid the course fee (R180)

How much does it cost to buy this online training?

Getting access to the training will cost a once-off payment of R180.

How should I pay?

I make use of Payfast because it is a 100% secure payment system.  You do not need to create a Payfast account – simply pay with your credit or debit card or you can choose to do an instant EFT.

How long will I have access to the video?

You will have access to the training video for 6 months.

How long will it take me to watch this video?

The total length of the training videos is 3 hours.

Will this make me a better fundraiser?

The training is guaranteed to add value to you as a person as well as to your Non-Profit.

Can I watch the video more than once?

Yes, you can watch them as many times as you like!

How many videos are there?

There are 14 videos in total (excluding the introduction)

Do I have to watch all the videos at once?

No, you can choose at what pace you would like to work through them.

Is your organisation important enough for you to empower yourself in terms of Fundraising & Marketing?

You cannot learn everything in a day – but you can learn something every day.

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